Plug & Play Energy

Plug & Play Energy
Wilton International's on-site power generation units and private wire electricity grid deliver energy capacity, resilience, security and cost savings for businesses.

Wilton International combines on-site energy generation, utilising multiple assets and fuel types, with the UK’s largest private wire network and National Grid back-up connection.

Benefits for businesses on site include energy resilience, security and cost savings, by avoiding certain transmission charges and renewables levies.

To support your site evaluations, our Energy Data Sheet provides technical details of Wilton International’s power generation capacities and private wire electricity grid. Download here.
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Get the Data on Wilton International

Wilton International's data packs provide
essential information for investing businesses, to support detailed site evaluations and comparisons. Our data covers:
  • Energy
  • Development land
  • Site infrastructure
  • Utilities
  • Skilled Workforce
  • Industrial Cluster
  • Logistics
  • Connectivity