Infrastructure & Utilities

Wilton International’s extensive infrastructure includes 120km of Sembcorp-owned pipelines and service corridors, with direct connections to the Teesside industrial cluster and port side freight logistics terminals. Combined with available development plots, Wilton International’s established infrastructure can mean reduced investment project costs, risks and lead times, and the affordable installation of additional bespoke services.
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Large-scale utilities supplies

Sembcorp owns, operates and maintains the UK’s largest demineralised water production and distribution network, as well as supplying raw and potable water alongside natural gas and compressed air in large volumes. Industrial gases, supplied by BOC, include nitrogen, oxygen, hydrogen and CO2, and the site has the capability for direct pipeline connections to Teesside’s North Sea gas processing plants and the UK national gas transmission networks.

Fibre internet connectivity

Wilton International is serviced by 3rd party providers of high-speed, high-bandwidth fibre internet connectivity, with diverse routing providing a true layer of resilience.

Diverse Fibre Connectivity is provided by BT and Virgin Media Business, providing choice for customers. The ability to use dense wavelength-division multiplexing (DWDM), an optical fibre multiplexing technology that increases the bandwidth of existing fibre networks, gives site occupants the potential to link to other fibre providers, and to link directly to nearby data centres.