Development Land

Development Land
Wilton International offers large-scale, pre-consented, ‘plug and play’ land for industrial development – enabling investing businesses to deliver projects quickly and cost-effectively.

With a land portfolio of 562 acres and individual plots available from 2.5 up to 66 acres, Wilton International can accommodate diverse industrial property needs.

All plots are fully serviced and development ready - with ‘plug & play’ energy, utilities and industrial infrastructure. Planning is pre consented for light or heavy industrial uses on selected plots, with flexible tenancies available.

Wilton International’s ready to go industrial land offer enables investing businesses to reduce project costs, risk and timeframes.

To support your site evaluations, our Development Land Data Sheet provides technical details of Wilton International’s currently available greenfield and brownfield development plots. Download here.
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Get the Data on Wilton International

Wilton International's data packs provide
essential information for investing businesses, to support detailed site evaluations and comparisons. Our data covers:
  • Energy
  • Development land
  • Site infrastructure
  • Utilities
  • Skilled Workforce
  • Industrial Cluster
  • Logistics
  • Connectivity