Site Safety & Security

Site Safety & Security
As a top tier COMAH site, Wilton meets the exacting health, safety, security and emergency response requirements of major chemicals and process industry businesses.

Wilton International meets the strict requirements of businesses operating under COMAH regulations. Health, safety and security are top priorities on site.

Site security includes a 24/7/365 on-site team and CCTV monitoring, strictly controlled gate access and security checks, and a 9km perimeter fence. On-site, rapid-response emergency services are provided by Falck Fire Services UK.

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Get the Data on Wilton International

Wilton International's data packs provide
essential information for investing businesses, to support detailed site evaluations and comparisons. Our data covers:
  • Energy
  • Development land
  • Site infrastructure
  • Utilities
  • Skilled Workforce
  • Industrial Cluster
  • Logistics
  • Connectivity