Skilled Workforce

Skilled Workforce
Wilton International provides businesses with direct access to a large, cost-competitive pool of skilled technical and R&D workers, focused on sectors including chemicals, process industry, advanced manufacturing and pharmaceuticals.

A large, technically skilled workforce

Businesses at Wilton International benefit from direct access to a large, technically skilled workforce, in key classifications including primary chemicals manufacturing and scientific R&D.

Significant labour cost savings

At Wilton International, access to a specialist, skilled workforce is combined with significant labour cost savings for businesses.

Skills partnerships for industry

Teesside’s established, skilled labour force is complemented by dedicated education and skills providers, working in close partnership with industry.
To support your site evaluations, our Skilled Workforce Data Sheet provides valuable statistics regarding the skilled labour accessible in Wilton International’s core catchment area, with comparisons versus key UK competitor sites and locations. Download here.
Wilton International's data packs provide essential information for investing businesses, to support detailed site evaluations and comparisons. Our Data Includes:
  • Sustainable Energy
  • Development land
  • Site Infrastructure and Utilities
  • Skilled Workforce
  • Industrial Cluster
  • Logistics and Connectivity