At Wilton International, Circular Economy Principles are Providing a Solid Base For Site Regeneration and Investment in Sustainable Energy

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Recycling and the circular economy are in Wilton International’s DNA. This could explain why it is the location of choice for many leading energy-intensive businesses and selected by companies using recycled feedstocks to produce goods ranging from chemicals and plastics to fertilisers and sustainable fuels.

Perhaps it’s not surprising, therefore, that as Sembcorp Energy UK (the company that owns much of the land at Wilton International and supplies energy and utilities to on-site customers) clears land to create new development plots and opportunities for business, the company incorporates circular economy and sustainability principles into its activities.

For example, Sembcorp has taken measures to ensure that demolition of unused buildings that are unsuitable for modern industrial uses, is undertaken in a more sustainable way. 

One such project, clearing land near Sembcorp’s UK headquarters, involves crushing the old brick and concrete, processing it, and then transporting it to the site of Sembcorp’s forthcoming battery energy storage system (BESS) development, also at Wilton International, where it will be used to provide a base of engineered aggregate.

The approach provides an exemplar of recycling and responsible resource management: creating a new, sustainable base solution from old materials recovered on the same site, reducing landfill and transportation and conserving natural resources by consuming fewer new materials. 

For Sembcorp, recycling materials for use on a new construction site is a conscious choice that aligns with the company’s values while delivering tangible environmental, economic and community benefits. It’s also perfectly suited to the strategic battery development project that will support the UK’s transition to renewable energy sources and Net Zero goals.

Contact Sembcorp’s Wilton International Commercial team to find out more about sustainable energy and industrial developments at Wilton International.

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