Port of Tees - Freeport and Enterprise zone

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The Teeside Freeport and Enterprise zone based around the Port of Tees is set to encourage businesses to invest in the region.

Teesside Freeport has two sets of benefits. The custom zone benefits which offer simplified customs procedures for the import and export of material and the simplification of things like VAT, tax and duty.

At Wilton International we actually have a tax site within the Freeport Zone which means there are capital allowance benefits and business rate holidays as well as incentives around national insurance payments for employers.

Wilton has substantial infrastructure already in place in terms of power generation and other utilities and the plug-and-play nature of Wilton makes it a great choice for inward investment because companies can get new plant up and running so much quicker and don’t have to invest in all of that ancillary plant.

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