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Sembcorp unifies energy business under one brand

Sep 17, 2019

Sembcorp Utilities UK and UK Power Reserve (UKPR) today announced the integration of both businesses under a unified banner - Sembcorp Energy UK. Operations will continue out of locations in Teesside and Solihull. The move is part of the company’s ongoing strategy to position itself for the global energy transition, grow its merchant energy capabilities, and build an integrated energy business in the UK.

“The unification represents the next step in our plan to give Sembcorp a firm foothold in the flexible distributed energy business, which is a new growth niche. In line with the integrated business, Sembcorp Energy UK will be rolling out its merchant and retail strategy with three new key appointments,” said Nomi Ahmad, Head of Sembcorp Energy UK.

Cathy McClay, Head of Strategy

Cathy will be responsible for driving the strategic direction and growth of the company. She has over 20 years of experience in the UK power sector across various strategy, commercial, portfolio management and analysis roles. She was formerly head of National Grid ESO future markets and previously held positions with National Grid, EDF Energy, British Energy, Nuon and Edison Mission Energy (First Hydro). Cathy has an MBA from Manchester University and a PhD in Electrical Engineering from Cambridge University.

Günther Puffer, Head of Merchant

Günther will oversee Sembcorp Energy UK’s wholesale market operations, including optimisation of generation, trading and origination. He has over 18 years of experience across UK and Europe in strategy and delivery, trading, analysis and risk management. He was formerly Value Delivery Director with Origami Energy and previously held positions with Statkraft UK, RWE Supply & Trading and Commerzbank. Günther has a Master of Physics in Nuclear Physics from University of Stuttgart.

Tim Foster, Head of Origination

Tim will oversee origination for Sembcorp’s wholesale market operations. He has over 24 years of experience in origination, business development, trading and Industrial & Commercial retail. He was formerly Head of UK for ElectroRoute and has held previous positions with Statkraft, Smartest Energy, British Energy, BG Group and DERA. Tim has a PhD and MSc in Engineering (Combustion and Energy) from the University of Leeds.

As part of the transition, Sam Wither, Managing Director of UKPR, will be stepping down in November to pursue other opportunities. He was instrumental in developing UKPR into one of Britain’s largest flexible distributed energy generators.

“Sam’s keen market insights and valuable contributions have been vital to the business. He played a leading role in the integration of UKPR and Sembcorp, as well as growing the business. We wish him the very best in his new adventures,” said Nomi.

A Long-Term Vision for the UK Market

Neil McGregor, Group President & CEO of Sembcorp Industries, reiterated the Group’s vision for the market. “As the sector moves towards decarbonisation and the shared goal of achieving net zero, we are confident that Sembcorp can play an integral part in meeting the nation’s energy needs. We are passionate about supporting our industrial customer base in the North East and the overall Energy markets. We are also committed to adapting our business model by building our presence through incremental investment in UK capabilities and sustainable energy solutions.”

We regard the UK as a key long-term market, and are setting our sights beyond current uncertainties – towards a better, more sustainable future for all.”

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