Wilton International: Total Freight Transport Connectivity for Industry (Infographic)

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Wilton International’s Teesside location provides direct access to comprehensive, multimodal freight transport solutions – for logistics efficiency, flexibility and security.

Direct deep sea port access

Located just 2 miles from the Wilton International site, Teesport is a major deep sea port, ranked 7th in the UK by tonnage and in the UK top 5 for liquid bulk.

Handling diverse cargo types

Teesport handles multiple cargo types – container, ro-ro, dry bulk, liquid bulk, general and project – enabling logistics efficiency, flexibility and security.

Global sea freight connectivity

Teesport delivers a comprehensive range of sea freight services: global deep sea, European short sea and European hub feeders (e.g. Rotterdam).

Deep water bulk freight terminals

Both Teesport and Redcar Bulk Terminal – the deepest on Britain’s east coast – deliver large-scale bulk freight handling services.

Liquid bulk storage and transportation

With direct pipeline connections from Wilton International, the North Tees terminals handle diverse liquid bulk products and provide bespoke storage solutions.

Direct mainline rail freight connectivity

Wilton International’s private, on-site rail sidings link directly to the UK mainline network and Teesport, enabling cost-effective bulk freight transportation.

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