Here's What's Special About Wilton International's Skilled Industrial Workforce - Infographic

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Wilton International provides investing businesses with direct access to a large, cost-competitive pool of skilled workers, in sectors including primary chemicals manufacturing and scientific R&D.

A specialist chemicals sector workforce

Amongst the UK’s major chemicals cluster locations, Wilton International ranks 1st (jointly) for access to primary chemicals manufacturing workers.

Primary chemicals manufacturing workers

A highly skilled scientific R&D workforce

Wilton International also ranks No.1 - by a significant margin - for access to a large-scale scientific R&D workforce, making it the UK location of choice for process industry investments with significant R&D elements.

Scientific R&D workers

Combining skills with cost savings

Wilton International combines a skilled chemicals, process industries and R&D workforce with significant average labour costs savings versus competitor UK locations and the Great Britain average.

Labour cost savings

ONS 2017 / 2018. Workforce concentrations are Location Quotients